Create Amazing Photoshop Projects and Learn Essentials

This course will help you get familiar with Photoshop by creating amazing projects you won't find on Youtube

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Что я буду изучать?
  • How to edit photos
  • How to change any color on photo
  • How to create cool posters
  • How to use Photoshop to realize your ideas

Учебный план для этого курса
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1 Уроки 00:01:34 Часов
  • About the course 00:01:34
  • Creating Project 00:08:49
  • Adjustment Layers 00:13:10
  • How mask works 00:11:34
  • How mask works 2 00:05:01
  • Selection options 00:10:56
  • Advanced Selection Options 00:11:26
  • Layer Modes and Styles 00:06:37
  • What is a smart object 00:05:28
  • Part 1 00:13:34
  • Part 2 00:06:58
  • RGB Channels 00:04:45
  • Glitch effect and Channel Mixer 00:06:31
  • Glitchy Portrait 00:09:08
  • Vector Shapes 00:06:43
  • Pen Tool 00:11:28
  • Vector Clothing Part 1 00:07:35
  • Vector Clothing Part 2 00:13:32
  • How to use mixer brush tool 00:12:20
  • Create 3D line with mixer brush 00:09:10
  • Part 1 00:11:56
  • Part 2 00:13:18
  • Part 3 00:09:09
  • Correct Anything on Face 00:12:36
  • Glitch Project part 1 00:07:45
  • Glitch Project part 2 00:04:28
  • Create and edit brush 00:17:04
  • What is next? 00:00:32
  • No basic knowledge needed
  • You just need to have Photoshop on your computer
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What is Photoshop?

If you can think it, you can make it with Photoshop CC, the world’s best imaging and design app. Create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork. Design websites and mobile apps. Edit videos, simulate real-life paintings, and more. It’s everything you need to make any idea real.

About the course

Hi! My name is Fred and I will help you learn Photoshop from zero to pro in no time. You have probably tried to learn Photoshop thousands of times, but there is always something stopping you. You get stuck, you loose motivation, or the projects you do aren't that interesting. I am here to solve that. This is the only course you need to learn Photoshop and succeed.

How is the course structured?

Right now the course has everything you need to get start and learn how to create amazing stuff. But the best part is that, this course will be renewed every week, new projects and lessons will be added. Like this you can continue improving!


Right now most of the projects shown in the video are in the course. I am adding 3 new projects to the course every week to make sure you continue learning and practicing.

Do you need any basic knowledge?

NO. You don't need any basic knowledge, the course starts from zero.

What if you get stuck?

You got my support 24/7. That means that if you got stuck you can always message me and I will reply to you the same day.

Для кого этот курс:

  • Anyone who wants to finally learn Photoshop and create anything he want
  • For people who are creative
  • For people who want to create unique art in Photoshop
  • For people who are interested in Graphic design
  • For people who are interested in Photo Retouching
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