Advanced Cinemagraphs using Photoshop and After Effects

Ever dreamed of bringing your images or artwork alive?

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Что я буду изучать?
  • How to animate your images or artworks like never before
  • Using Puppet Tool in After Effects to create animation skeleton
  • Creating custom pattern and adding glitter effect
  • Animating any part of your art or image
  • Smudge Tool in Photoshop

Учебный план для этого курса
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  • What is this class about? 00:02:17
  • Download Course Materials 00:00:03
  • Masking the necessary parts 00:06:26
  • Using Smudge Tool to stretch anything 00:11:15
  • Adding glitter effects 00:07:48
  • After Effects Basics 00:05:37
  • Using Puppet Tool to animate objects 00:08:47
  • Finishing our animation 00:07:56
  • Exporting the animation 00:04:03
  • You should know Photoshop Basics
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Ever dreamed of bringing your images or artwork alive?

If the answer is yes then this class is for you.

You will learn a secret technique that I have been using for my artworks for a really long time already.

We will use Photoshop and After Effects for this class

What you will learn in Photoshop:

  • How to use Smudge tool

  • Creating realistic hair / Stretching anything using smudge tool

  • Creating custom pattern

  • Adding glitter effect to the hair

What you will learn in After Effects

  • How to use puppet tool for animation

  • Creating the skeleton of our animated objects

  • Using timeline

  • Exporting the animation

Для кого этот курс:

  • Anyone who want to animate their photos or art
  • Digital Artists who want to discover new direction
  • Photographers who want to bring their photos alive
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